Getting involved in a criminal case is a troubling matter especially if you are the accused party. In fact, the moment you get arrested for a crime, the police will read your rights including the need for an attorney. So the best thing to do is to look for a criminal defense attorney so your rights will be protected starting from the arrest and up to the trial. This is more than important than informing your relatives about your issue. However, it is not simple to look for a criminal defense attorney you can trust your life on. Here are some tips which you can follow when choosing your criminal defense attorney. 

1. Identify your legal needs - You need to determine the extent of your case. This includes the nature of the case and severity of the potential punishment. If you think you only got a minor case, then you only need a simple defense attorney which could even settle the case for you with the other party. However, if the case is serious, you need a great criminal defense attorney from or you will be at risk facing severe punishment which could even be a lifetime sentence. 

2. Determine the type of defense attorney - Different attorney has different specialty. General defense attorney is not ideal for serious or hard to defend cases. If you have violated a state law, it is important to have a criminal defense attorney which is well versed and experienced in defending against state law violations. For issues involving federal law, you definitely need a federal defense attorney. 

3. Decide whether you will hire private or public defense attorney - Hiring a private criminal defense attorney can be expensive especially if the case will last for months or years. Therefore, if it is not convenient to finance a case for a private defense attorney, you can still choose a public defense attorney. Public attorneys can work for little to no fee which is perfect for those which cannot afford a private attorney. 

4. Check several firms and criminal defense attorneys - In case you decided to hire a private criminal defense attorney, check the different law firms in your area as well as the attorneys available. You can then make a list on potential criminal defense attorneys you can hire. You can also learn more about criminal defense attorneys by checking out the post at 

5. Review their credentials - You must check the credentials of the potential criminal defense attorneys. This includes the history of the law firm, the case results, licenses and other credentials which you can gather from them. 

6. Read online reviews and counter-check their reputation - If you have heard the reputation of a criminal defense attorney, you should verify this reputation. One way of verifying is to read reviews from past clients which you can find online. 

7. Refer your case to potential criminal defense lawyers - Once you narrow down your list to a couple of criminal defense attorneys, refer your case to them and see how each of them will assess your case and how they will approach the case. 

8. Make a decision - After these information you gathered, you can select which criminal defense attorney is suitable for your situation. 


Good luck!